Tuesday, July 10, 2012

It's Too Late, Part 5

      The next seven days provide great entertainment for the hecklers.  There is a steady stream of animals, some in sets of two, some in sets of seven.  What can the crazy man be thinking?  The mob grows bigger as word spreads.  The insults grow louder, and the violence grows stronger.  Rocks are thrown at the ark and at the animals.  Several attempts are made to rile up the creatures, and many times someone tries to shoot an arrow into the line of procession to take one out.  Somehow, though, every attempt is thwarted.  Several of the young boys try to run into the area around the ark to cause a problem.  But for some reason, they cannot come near the contraption.  Something stops them, though they cannot say what.  It is as if an invisible wall shields the ark and the work of the family.  So the mob contents itself with taunts, jeers, and mockery. 
            By the seventh day, the entire village has gathered.  It is rumored that the family will be going into the ark for good – a sight no one wants to miss!  Was this crazy family really going to lock itself in that monstrosity with all those animals?  The smell alone would kill them in a few days!  This is too much.  The entire village is laughing at this poor, pathetic band of self-proclaimed “righteous ones.”  All of mankind has turned out to watch the craziest family line in existence kill itself in this, the crowning act of their insanity. 
            Finally, the last of the animals are taken into the ark.  The women come outside to take one more look around.  They look to the crowd and see many old friends and family members, now turned enemies, laughing raucously at them.   In tears, they turn back and go into the ark for the last time.  Then the young men go in, each one determined not to give the mob the satisfaction of even one glance.  Ham, however, loses his resolve for a moment and flings one last fierce glare back at the crowd.  The villagers roar with pleasure.  Ham turns back around, disgusted with both himself and the mockers, and follows his brothers into the ark. 
            Finally only Noah is left outside the ark.  He stands alone outside the door, looking upon the crowd with grief and pity in his eyes.  The mob yells and throws things at him, but still he stands, simply staring.  His lips move as if he is talking to Someone.  With a sigh, he finally turns around and walks through the door of the ark, the last righteous man to see the earth as it is. 
            As the crowd stands laughing uproariously, a gust of wind like none they have ever experienced sweeps through them.  Some are physically knocked over, other simply cry out in surprise.  No one has felt such a wind before.  The wind sweeps through mankind straight towards the door of the ark, and with a fierce bang that resounds in the ears of every man, woman and child, the door swings shut.
            The crowd goes silent for a moment.  No one is certain what to do.  Then, slowly, jokes began to be made, and nervous laughter begins to rise again.  But even as they begin to recover from this phenomenon, the sky begins to darken as it never has before.  Clouds begin to gather together in massive, menacing walls.  The ground begins to shake, and someone shrieks as they see a trickle of water spring up from the ground.  A terror begins to grip the mob as everyone senses that something is happening.  Mothers grab their children, and men start looking up and pointing into the sky.  As mankind stands in horror, a single raindrop falls from the sky to the ground.  It is soon joined by another, then another and another, until finally, the walls of clouds begin to break open into torrents of raindrops.

                                              And when the rain starts falling it’s too late…

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